I’m behind the times. I admit it. After reviewing TWILIGHT (on audiobook) and determining the material raised too many issues I wasn’t ready to discuss with my daughter who reads several grade levels above her own, I put the Saga on the shelf to deal with when it was more age appropriate.

This past week, I was having a phone conversation with a friend. We were talking about BLOOD AND DESTINY. I admitted that I am surprised by the surge of mail and support the book was receiving. I love the story. I wrote it, after all. But it’s something else to hear how readers feel about it.  *grins*

Her response was, “GO TEAM EDWARD.”

I had a blink, blink, pause moment. Yes, it took me a moment to make the connection. I’m behind, remember?

“You know, TWILIGHT?” She laughed at me.  “Fine, skip it and just rent NEW MOON.  It’s right up your alley.  You’ll love it.”

So I did. And I finally understood what all the fuss is about despite having gone through the unabridged audiobook and the TWILIGHT movie. Now, Team Edward has all the attractions from the James Dean persona – and he’s immortal besides. But I’ve never been attracted to the man who’s cloaked in danger who holds himself apart from the world no matter who he hurts.

No, that’s not my thing.  I like a little Boy Scout in my heros. I like a man who can swallow his pride and put his heart on the line…and yes, beg if he has to. Or, just maybe, I like my heros with a little bit of fur.

Whatever the reason (and yes, I know how the series ends), I found myself sitting in front of the TV wanting to change it. Even though the furry, chivalrous, oh-so-sexy-abs dude doesn’t have a chance, I’ve  picked my side of argument.


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