Ah…the life of a writer…

There are a great many wonderful things involved with writing as a profession. 🙂 We get to set our own schedules, work as much (or as little) as we want, skip around talking to the voices in our heads, and get paid for all of it. But the freedom isn’t what I love most about my job.

What I love most is the ability to evolve. Contrary to my publishing schedule, I write a lot. Unfortunately, most of what I’ve been writing has been transitory. My style is evolving and I’ve been working hard to improve my craft. There has been a learning curve. I wrote two books that won’t be published during this phase. And they shouldn’t be. The writing in them both was inconsistent and simply are not up to standards. One of them was a St. George book while the other was an unrelated work. The lessons learned have been carried over to STEALING GRACE, my next St. George book.

STEALING GRACE is Milo’s story. For those of you who haven’t followed the St. George series, Milo is a selkie bull who fancies himself a technogeek. He makes his first appearance in BLOOD AND DESTINY. His heroine is a lady of St. George, Grace St. George. She is a high-end cat burglar. She’s quite the fire cracker! I can’t give away too much before STEALING GRACE is officially contracted, but I will say that you can catch a free sneak-peek short story available from my website. CHRISTMAS GRACE is set well before STEALING GRACE, so bear that in mind when you’re reading it. After all, what lady doesn’t have a past when she finally finds Mr. Right?

I love my St. George heroines! They’re feisty, independent, hard loving women who know how to take life by the horns. They also have a vulnerable side thanks to being raised in an orphanage. They all have their unique issues resulting from their respective backstories and experiences, but one of my favorite things about working with them is teaching them to trust enough to love.

*sigh* Now, I’m off to keep pounding on Grace (who has decided she doesn’t like the ending of her story). Watch for more news as it becomes available!

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