I’m behind the times. I admit it. After reviewing TWILIGHT (on audiobook) and determining the material raised too many issues I wasn’t ready to discuss with my daughter who reads several grade levels above her own, I put the Saga on the shelf to deal with when it was more age appropriate.

This past week, I was having a phone conversation with a friend. We were talking about BLOOD AND DESTINY. I admitted that I am surprised by the surge of mail and support the book was receiving. I love the story. I wrote it, after all. But it’s something else to hear how readers feel about it.  *grins*

Her response was, “GO TEAM EDWARD.”

I had a blink, blink, pause moment. Yes, it took me a moment to make the connection. I’m behind, remember?

“You know, TWILIGHT?” She laughed at me.  “Fine, skip it and just rent NEW MOON.  It’s right up your alley.  You’ll love it.”

So I did. And I finally understood what all the fuss is about despite having gone through the unabridged audiobook and the TWILIGHT movie. Now, Team Edward has all the attractions from the James Dean persona – and he’s immortal besides. But I’ve never been attracted to the man who’s cloaked in danger who holds himself apart from the world no matter who he hurts.

No, that’s not my thing.  I like a little Boy Scout in my heros. I like a man who can swallow his pride and put his heart on the line…and yes, beg if he has to. Or, just maybe, I like my heros with a little bit of fur.

Whatever the reason (and yes, I know how the series ends), I found myself sitting in front of the TV wanting to change it. Even though the furry, chivalrous, oh-so-sexy-abs dude doesn’t have a chance, I’ve  picked my side of argument.


Massage Envy – the Key to Writer’s Block!

I spent the weekend in Jacksonville – just me and my husband. Only the second time since we had children that we were away from them for a night. My husband, on the recommendation of our friend Jessica, decided to treat me to a massage to ensure it would really be a relaxing weekend for me.

I was a little skeptical. I’ll admit it.

But we checked in after a wonderful lunch. The front staff was gossiping behind the counter which did nothing to calm my apprehension. We were early, so there was a short wait. It gave me a moment to go over the brochures and my husband and I to make plans for the evening. An evening without children. It was almost too much to wrap our minds around.

And then Carrie, my therapist, came for me. The moment she smiled at me, I knew I was in good hands. She immediately took me back and explained the process before leaving me to get ready. Once I settled on the heated table – relaxing in itself – she came back and got started.

Somewhere between the left hand and the right, I knew how to refocus the plot of my current WIP back to the central plot. Somewhere between my legs and my shoulders, I knew exactly how approach the changes required on one of the two manuscripts kicked back for revisions.

When Carrie finished, I felt like a new woman. My back, a constant source of pain thanks to a horseback riding accident as a child and exacerbated by my weight, didn’t hurt for the first time since my twins were born. My mind was whirling with the ideas and I couldn’t stop smiling.

While we checked out, we checked  the website and found that Massage Envy has an office in the town we’re heading. Talking to the front desk about membership packages sold us on the idea. One hour took me from apprehension at having a stranger’s hands on me to a convert.

If you’re interested in seeing what Massage Envy can do for you, check out their website and see if they’ve got an office near you! www.massageenvy.com

I highly recommend it. Thank you Carrie for a job well done.

Coming February 17th
Coming February 17th

The Ghost Shrink, the Accidental Gigolo, and the Poltergeist Accountant.








Is that a brilliant title or what?

For those of you who follow Samhain releases, I hope you are watching the calendar because the Tickle My Fantasy releases are coming.  This one releases on February 17th, so I thought I’d take a moment to put it on your To BUY list.

Why?  Because it’s a riot.  I mean, come on…how many books do you know with Gigolo in the title?

But that’s not what makes it a wonderful book.  It’s a grand story for a novella.  Vivi Andrews writes it with such humor that it’ll make you think even while you’re reaching for your inhaler because you’ve laughed to the point you can’t breathe.  Yes, I know this from experience.

When she first showed this to me, I literally choked on my coffee as I sat down to read it.  The sheer brilliance of the premise combined with her humorous style had me in stitches from the very first line.   I lusted after the hero, related to the heroine to the point I wanted to be her, and found myself cheering for the plot.

When I flipped the last page, I was smiling with a lighter heart than when I started.  Why?  Because there’s nothing like a great story and honest laughter to lighten the soul.

Lucy is a Ghost Shrink who helps wayward ghosts release their worldly cares and transcend into the great beyond.  Unfortunately, a dry spell has put her a little on edge and created a situation where she’s attracting sexually repressed ghosts who just can’t get over the fact they died before they could live out some of their sexual fantasies.  In walks Jake Cox, who is thankfully not a ghost.  He’s a private investigator bent on talking to a specific ghost that he’s been tipped off will come to Lucy to work through his issues binding him to the world.

The problem?  Lucy and Jake have an instant connection and he has to keep his hands off her or the ghost won’t come.   Tie in a poltergeist account who thinks Lucy is his destiny and you’ve got a plot fit for Comedy Central.

This is Vivi Andrews first publication; however, it is not the end to her brilliance.  Her Single Titles are just as fabulous.

If you’re interested in a closer look at Vivi’s perspective, she’s the feature author on my website until the end of February where she talks about writing and how she came upon this story.

And for a teaser, why not check out Samhain’s Coming soon pages for the official blurb or link to the excerpt here?